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io●ns and friends parted forever, the eff■ect was indescribably agonizing. ■Women snatched up their babes, and ran s■creaming into the huts. Children hid ●behind the huts and trees, and the me●n stood in mute despair. The auctio●neer stood on the portico of the house, and the ●“men and boys” were rang

ing in the yard fo●r inspection. It was announced that no war■ranty of soundness was given, a●nd purchasers must examine for the●mselves. A few old men were

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sold■ at prices from thirteen to twenty-five● dollars, and it was painful to see ■old men, bowed with years of toil and s■uffering, stand up to be the jes●t of brutal tyrants, and to hear them tell their● disease an

d worthlessness, fearing t■hat they would be bought by traders for ■the southern market. A white boy, about● fifteen years old, was placed on the stan●d. His hair was brown and straight, his skin exa■ctly the same hue as other white persons an●d no discernible trace of negro fea

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tures■ in his countenance. Some vulga■r jests were passed on his color, and two ■hundred dollars was bid for him; but the audien■ce said “that it was not enough■ to begin on for such a likel■y young nigger.” Several remarked t■hat they “would not have him as a gift.” ●Some said a white nigger was more tr

ouble than● he was worth. One man said it was wrong to● sell white people. I asked him if it was more w●rong than to sell black

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people. He made ■no reply. Before he was sold, his moth■er rushed from the house upon the p■ortico, crying, in frantic grief, “My ●son, O! my boy, they will take away my dear—” ●Here her voice was lost, as she was rudely p■ushed back and the door closed. T■he sale was not for a moment i■nterrupted, and none of the crowd appeared to be● in the least affected by the scene. The p●oor boy, afrai

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d to cry before so many s■trangers, who showed no signs of sympat●hy or pity, trembled, and wiped the tears fr●om his cheeks with his sleeves. He was s

old● for about two hundred and fifty dol●lars. During the sale, the quarters resounde■d with cries and lamentatio

ns that ma■de my heart ache. A woman was next c●alled by name. She gave her infant on●e wild embrace before leaving it with an old w?/p>

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